Good Eggs Family Hub Day

mom and kids face painting skull sugar skull Purple Zebra face painting good eggs nyc rainbow princess face painting girl nyc Rainbow Butterfly Face Painting Pink Butterfly Face Painting

I have never tried organic unprocessed milk until I came to Good Eggs Family Hub Day. Although I was a little bit afraid to try (thinking it has bacteria and all sorts of parasites), I mustered up my courage and tried it anyways. It tasted so sweet and have a variety of flavors like almond and mocha. I didn’t get an upset stomach and I love how everything was fresh. This place reminds me of a farmer’s market. All the produce are organic and the best of the best. They had 20 different kinds of apples for the visitors to try. When we were there, it was during Christmas time and they had a table for making little wreaths. We supplied face painting, glitter tattoos and balloon animals. All the children wanted to be cute little red nose Rudolf the reindeer and sparkly white and blue snowflakes.